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Your social media accounts can often be the first place potential customers see your brand. Therefore it’s critical to ensure they look amazing.

At The Magic Octopus that’s what we do best, amazing social media!

We take care of the planning, designing and scheduling so you can focus on running your business.

We even respond to comments and messages!

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Great social media is about creating personality and connecting with your audience.

With our Social Pack1 product we handle the entire process, using our skills and expertise in the development of stunning social content that will engage with your customers, boost Google rankings and relieve the stress of managing your company’s social media platforms.

There is no minimum contract, meaning you can stop at any time, allowing you flexibility and peace of mind.

You will receive 12 social posts and a banner per month, including exceptional seasonal campaigns – each carefully planned, designed and scheduled by us.

What’s more, we respond daily to comments, messages and reviews on your page. This is particularly poignant, as Facebook states that 87% of businesses don’t respond to comments and messages on their page. So getting ahead of the game is easy! Be one of the 13% that engages with their customers, with the help of The Magic Octopus.

Keeping your social media updated is essential for building confidence in your brand and with our Social Pack1 product this has become easier than ever!

We currently run social media accounts for big brands, small businesses and celebrities alike.

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