Has your back ever been against the wall?!

As most people know, there is no straight path to success. Often times we learn our greatest life lessons in the most challenging of circumstances. From success you learn very little, but temporary failure is our biggest teacher.

So we are asking business owners, entrepreneurs and celebrities across the globe for their ‘one golden nugget’… A piece of advice, valuable experience, or life lesson learnt from the journey.

For a chance to appear in the book, please complete the form below with your video nugget, a couple of lines of text or a short story.

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10.55 Day 19 GETTING ARTSY TO CREATE THE COUNTDOWN FOR #100CelebrityChallenge

So far we’re at 3/100 celebrities and no Piers Morgan yet! But, a massive thank you goes out to the celebrities that have got involved with #OneGoldenNugget so far.

We love you Warwick Davies, Dan Pink and Rachel Elnaugh!


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