Based in Poole, Dorset, UK, we are The Magic Octopus – the King of Content!

Every business has a website and every business has social media. The key to building a successful brand in this digital world is content. Your customers and prospects now demand instant digital communication and at The Magic Octopus that’s what we do best. We create the content and then we respond. This way your brand is alive, it’s breathing and its communicating.

These days there is digital overload. Our senses are bombarded with ‘stuff’. Therefore the content you create needs to be original, high quality and where possible, disruptive. Posting a couple of times a month isn’t good enough. Responding to comments and messages when you have time isn’t good enough. But the good news is, work with The Magic Octopus and it’s taken care of!

We are a creative team of people who specialise in creating awesome social posts, tasty film and animation, motivational products and lead generation. We are famous for our disruptive marketing campaigns. Below is a picture of me, outside Radio1 with Scott Mills, promoting a campaign for EDF Energy!

Welcome to The Magic Octopus. We look forward to serving you – Steven Foster CEO

Connect with me on LinkedIn and you can see what i’ve been doing for the past 25 years, it’s been some journey!