What does The Magic Octopus do?

We create content which your business can use on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and your website.

This content then creates a connection with your audience and markets your business, ultimately driving revenue and improving your brand.

We run social media accounts and fill them with content. The Magic Octopus make film & animation, create marketing campaigns and for larger companies we can be your outsourced, in-house marketing department, saving your business costs.

In fact, The Magic Octopus can be whatever you need us to be, because every business is different.

Love is the most powerful emotion in the universe, and the love vibration is how we serve our customers.

Who is the owner of The Magic Octopus?

Steven Foster, you can connect with him here on his LinkedIn, he’s very social! You can also see what he’s been doing for the past 25 years!

What does it cost?

Every product we put together is bespoke. We draw from a variety of elements which are tailored by us to meet your business’ needs.

Why? Because every business is different. The starting point is always to evaluate what specific goals your company has. Call us today on 0800 999 3701 and let’s focus on you!

Do you have a monthly contract?

No, you can just give 30 days’ notice. We believe in what we do and hopefully you will love it so much, you won’t want to leave.

Do I have a personal account manager?

Yes. They will learn your business in order to deliver authentic content to suit your brand’s personal style.

How will creating content improve my business?

There are a number of benefits to ensuring your social channels are producing content. Not only does content increase your exposure, it also creates brand awareness, demonstrates your expertise, generates consumer confidence and acquires new customers for your business.

There are over 2 billion people on social media – potential customers just waiting for you to connect with.

Who posts the content on social media?

We do. Sometimes it’s automated and depending on the content, we sometimes post in real-time. We like the human feel to the delivery.

However, in some instances the client wants post content themselves and that’s no problem either.

Do you answer the comments I receive on my social media and the messages?

Yes we do. According to Facebook, 87% of companies don’t respond to comments and messages on their business page.

We find it incredible that most companies have missed this key opportunity to have a dialogue with their customers. So we deal with it.

If you run my companies social media, what is my return on investment going to be?

Yes, this is a question we’ve had. We rejected working with the company further! Seriously, not having the best possible social assets is business suicide. Why? Because when a potential customer hits your brand in any capacity, you need to ensure there is no confusion in their mind. It’s not about return on investment, this is mandatory stuff.

Who owns the content The Magic Octopus produces?

You do, it’s yours. We produce content that you can be proud to associate with your brand – so go ahead and show it off!

Can you build me a website?


When you say you inject ‘love’ emotion into what you do, what are you talking about?

Love is the most powerful emotion in the universe. When undertaking anything, our mindset is one of ‘love’ for the task in front of us, no matter how big or small.

Our belief is the end result if ‘love’ is the feeling when we create it can only be harmonious, and if we don’t think we can ‘love’ it, we won’t do it.

Why don’t you have a twitter account?

Because we are going to leave that up to Donald Trump!

It’s our personal opinion that as a business you don’t need every social channel just because it’s there.

For sure we could put the time, money and effort into building one, but currently it’s not important to us.

The Magic Octopus’ focus is on Facebook and LinkedIn. We of course run all kinds of social channels for our customers.

Do you run a referral programme?

Yes we do! Contact us straight away and let’s work together!

What is ICE?

As a customer of The Magic Octopus, all our products are served with I.C.E. – Instant customer experience!

Yes, when you message us expect to receive a response straight away.

We treat your email, text, or instant message as conversation.

How many companies these days do you message and get a response within days?

In our opinion that’s wrong. We are grateful for your message!

Click here to find out more.

What is real-time content?

Imagine you are running a food business. That morning’s produce is on sale. So obviously want to sell it!

Promoting it on your social media is key.

We arrange to receive pictures of ‘your product’, design them up and within minutes get the content live on your social channels.

Tomorrow is too late!

As a customer, I want to know what you are doing right this second, and guess what?! If i comment on the post, I want an instant response. Real-time content for retail business is a winner.

Why are you called The Magic Octopus?

The MD Steven is also a songwriter. One day, whilst penning his next hit record, a song idea came to him – ‘Me & My Magic Octopus’.

“When i first came up with that lyric, I thought it was pretty cool and then I thought ‘The Magic Octopus’ would make a great name for a company. The rest is history!

How can you help create traffic to my site?

You don’t ‘create’ any traffic. The traffic is already there and you simply tap into it.

Our products are designed to do exactly that – ‘tap into traffic’.